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Many gyn issues can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness. Our in-office treatments counteract those forces and are:

- Painless
- Non-surgical
- Non-hormonal
- No Recovery Downtime


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Healthy Tips

Are Your Relaxing Bike Rides Taxing Your Pelvis? Try These Tips
March 2024
How to prevent Cervix Cancer and Genital Warts
February 2024
Destigmatizing menopause
January 2024
Am I getting enough calcium?
December 2023
Breast cancer awareness is saving lives and families
October 2023

75% of women tested by our GYN doctors are vitamin D deficient

September 2023

Mood Changes During Perimenopause Are Real. Hereís What to Know.
June 2023
What are the true benefits of exercise?
May 2023
How best to deal with menopause
April 2023
Ovarian cysts can be benign or cancerous and should be examined
March 2023
Your first gynecologic visit as a teenager
January 2023
National Bladder Health Month - Tips
November 2022
When sex is painful
September 2022
Early warning signs of ovarian cancer
August 2022
Don’t let sexual dysfunction impact your life
July 2022
New, convenient app helping women with UI
June 2022
Teen Health: Painful Periods
May 2022
Endometriosis occurs in 1 in 10 women of reproductive age
April 2022
IUDs and birth control implants
March 2022
What you should know about breakthrough bleeding with birth control
February 2022
Incontinence and prolapse are worth talking about to your GYN doctor
January 2022
Experiencing vaginal dryness? Here's what you need to know.
October 2021
Less sun = less Vitamin D = health problems
September 2021
Why the birth control implant works well for me
August 2021
Abnormal uterine bleeding has many causes
April 2021
Top 3 questions parents ask about their daughters and puberty
March 2021
4 most common questions about menopause
January 2021
My periods have changed. Is menopause around the corner?
December 2020
Don’t let sexual dysfunction impact your life
November 2020
How to prevent bladder control problems
September 2020
Vitamin D deficiency is causing havoc and most don’t know it
August 2020
Heavy menstrual bleeding should be checked to verify itís nothing serious
May 2020
Gardasil Vaccine helps prevents Cervix Cancer and Genital Warts
April 2020
Urinary Incontinence is easily curable
December 2019
Conquer that overactive bladder
November 2019
How to avoid an unintended pregnancy
September 2019
Self Defense for Healthy Breasts
September 2019
STDs and why to test for them
August 2019

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.
July 2019



Supplements that work
June 2019



Understanding PCOS, female infertility and hormonal disorder
May 2019



Do you know anyone entering puberty?

April 2019



Benign Breast Problems and Conditions

March 2019

What is accidental bowel leakage?
November 2018
10 healthy eating tips for success
October 2018
Non-surgical treatment for pelvic support problems and incontinence
September 2018
Top reasons why you should have an Annual Well-Woman Examination
August 2018
HPV test is better than Pap smear at detecting precancerous cervical changes, study says
July 2018
Dietary fats: Know which types to choose
June 2018
It's Time To Quit Smoking
March 2018
Annual Mammography Starting at 40 Prevents Most Cancer Deaths
October 2017
The Healthy Female Athlete
September 2017
Pelvic Floor Disorders 101: Fact or Fiction
July 2017
The difference between vaginitis and a yeast infection
June 2017
March 23 -- ThermiVa Special Event
March 2017
25 percent of men have cancer-linked HPV genital infections
February 2017
We hope your New Year's Resolutions include this important check list
January 2017

Facts about common bladder problems

November 2016

How to detect breast cancer early
October 2016
Our GYN Clinic is now offering THERMIva to restore vaginal health
Bladder Control Quiz – is this happening to you?
August 2016
Meet the Super Flasher: Some Menopausal Women Suffer Years of Hot Flashes
July 2016
21 reasons to see a GYN doctor before age 21
June 2016
HPV-linked head and neck cancers on the rise, but HPV vaccination rates are low
February 2016
Bladder Health Tips
November 2015
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 2015
PCOS: An Infertility Issue That Is Little Understood
November 2014
Dense breasts may obscure mammogram results
June 2014
Ovary removal aids high-risk women but at what age
February 2014
January Is Cervical Health Awareness Month
January 2014
InTone is popular new treatment for Urinary Incontinence
July 2013
Report: Most women can get Paps every 3 - 5 years
October 2012
Ovarian cancer tests ill-advised for some, panel says
September 2012
Persistence is key to treating sexual pain
August 2012
Long-lasting birth control cuts pregnancy rate
June 2012
National guidelines advise a Pap smear every 3 years
March 2012
Nothing off-limits in ‘Just for Teens’ sessions
December 2010

If you are suffering from a GYN health issue and live in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Eastern Shore, Peninsula, Hampton Roads or North Carolina, please contact our GYN clinic at (757) 312-8221. Our GYN doctors are here to help you.


About Gynecology Specialists
Our three female GYN physicians and Nurse Practitioner provide comprehensive gynecology services to girls and women of all ages in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Eastern Shore, Peninsula, Hampton Roads and North Carolina.

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