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A Gynecology Specialists note: Following is an excellent article by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). In it, Natalia shares with other women why she chose the birth control implant, which is a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC).

Dr. David Soper, Chair of ACOGís Gynecologic Practice Committee, says, ďThe ACOG has long recommended LARC as the most effective reversible contraceptive option for most women, including those who have not given birth and adolescents who are sexually active.Ē

We agree with the ACOG and since 2004 our GYN doctors in Chesapeake have provided LARC treatments for woman in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Peninsula, Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads and North Carolina. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our GYN Clinic at (757) 312-8221.


Here is Nataliaís story.

Why the Birth Control Implant Works Well for Me

August 2021

As a newlywed, Natalia wanted to rethink her options for birth control. Knowing that she and her husband didnít plan to start a family right away, she was looking for a method that would last a long timeóthrough whatever changes life might throw their way.

She ultimately chose the birth control implant, a small plastic rod that is placed in the arm and releases the hormone progestin into the body to prevent pregnancy. Here, Natalia tells us why the implant has been a good fit at this stage in her life.

ACOG: What mattered to you when choosing birth control?

Natalia: I was 27 when I first got the implant. Eric and I had just gotten married the year before, and we were not planning on having kids yet. I wanted something that would work for the next 3 to 5 years.

I researched many options, including the birth control patch and the vaginal ring. I was drawn to the intrauterine device (IUD) and the implant because they last a long time and are so effective. But IUDs can last for up to 10 years. That was longer than I felt I neededóand to be honest, I was a little chicken about it. I just didnít like the idea of it inside my uterus.

After talking with my Gyn doctor, I ended up choosing the implant. It would last for several years, and they said it was easy to remove if I didnít like it. [Implants are removed by numbing the arm and making a small incision.]

For me, the implant meant security. Once I have it, my birth control is taken care of. I also liked that the implant was covered by my insurance. I only had a small co-pay for the procedure. I was on the pill before and I worried it might not be covered, month to month, if I lost my job or health care coverage.

ACOG: What was it like to have the implant inserted?

Natalia: My Gyn doctor ordered the implant for me and I scheduled an appointment for the procedure. In the exam room, I laid down on the table and looked away!

I felt a pinch as they made the tiny incision in my upper right arm and slipped it in. You canít see the implant, but I can feel it when I touch my skin. I like knowing that itís always there.

ACOG: Is there anything you donít like about the implant?

Natalia: My menstrual cycle was like clockwork on the pill, and the implant has made it very irregular. My Gyn doctor said this is a common side effect, and it has nothing to do with its effectiveness. Unpredictable periods are annoying, but it has gotten better over time and I have learned to live with it. The implant still works well for me.

ACOG: Would you get it again?

Natalia: Yes, Iíve been happy with the implant, and I have been considering getting another one when the time comes. Whether to have a baby is a year-by-year decision for us, so it will depend on what we are thinking at that time. We want to see how our lives take shape in the next year or two, but we also donít want to wait too long.

At least I know the implant is a safe and easy birth control option, and that it works for me.

If you have any birth control questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our GYN Clinic at (757) 312-8221. 

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