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Many gyn issues can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness. Our in-office treatments counteract those forces and are:

- Painless
- Non-surgical
- Non-hormonal
- No Recovery Downtime


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GYN Doctor serving patients in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk & Portsmouth

A Gynecology Specialists note: Following is an excellent article from the American Urogynecologic Society about bike rides, pelvic problems, and tips on avoiding them. If you have any questions, please call our GYN Clinic at (757) 312-8221.


Are Your Relaxing Bike Rides Taxing Your Pelvis? Try These Tips

In today's fast-paced, go-go-go world, a bike ride can help you wind down and decompress. For some woman, however, cycling causes pelvic problems such as:

• Pain and tenderness in the buttocks, genitals and pubic bone area.
• Saddle sores or other minor skin lesions in the genitals.

A review of scientific studies found that the size of your bike seat can impact the degree of discomfort experienced by women while cycling. Using a broader bicycle seat appears to help reduce the degree of soreness "down there."

In contrast, bikes with handlebars positioned lower than the bike seat were more likely to irritate the pelvis and genitals. So, before you head out for your next ride, swap out that narrow bike seat for a broader one and raise your bike's handlebars.

Please contact our GYN Clinic at (757) 312-8221 if you have any questions. 

About our GYN doctor

Our all-female practice covers a wide spectrum of gyn and health issues.   Since 2004 each GYN doctor at Gynecology Specialists has been caring for women and teens with pelvic problems in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.

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