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Experienced ThermiVa Providers


Many gyn issues can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness. Our in-office treatments counteract those forces and are:

- Painless
- Non-surgical
- Non-hormonal
- No Recovery Downtime


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ThermiVa treatment restores vaginal health

Gynecology Specialists is having great patient success with the in-office treatment called ThermiVa, which is:

• Painless
• Non-surgical
• Non-hormonal
• No Recovery Downtime

Benefits of the ThermiVa Treatment is that it can help with the following: 
• Vaginal dryness
• Vulvar appearance 
• Leakage with coughing, laughing or sneezing
• Pain with intercourse
• Urinary urgency, frequency, and getting up at night to empty bladder
• Chronic vulvar itching and irritation 
• Difficulty achieving orgasm

Following are reviews from two of our patients who are already experiencing great benefits from their ThermiVa treatments: 

"As Gyn doctors across the country started to perform more ThermiVa treatments, I followed the patient reviews and found them overwhelmingly positive due to excellent results. I also monitored the safety profile of this new treatment and found it to be excellent after thousands of treatments performed across the U.S. After my first treatment at Gynecology Specialists I noticed a huge improvement. I’m happier, and my husband said ‘it was definitely worthwhile.’ I highly recommend this treatment.” 

“A close friend of mine in Washington DC was discussing the benefits and low side effects of ThermiVa with me. It seemed like a wonderful option and I have a high opinion of her judgement. I did some research and it seemed to have no downsides. I recently had my first treatment at Gynecology Specialists and I could tell a large difference even within 24 hours – mainly from overactive bladder symptoms. There are many benefits to this treatment. What I have enjoyed most so far is being able to have my coffee in the morning and not running to the restroom every 30 minutes. Medications for overactive bladder were never an option for me as I didn’t care for the side effects. I’ve had two of the three treatments so far and all is well.”

"When it comes to gynecological issues, many things can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness," says Dr. Zenette Leao of Gynecology Specialists. "At the top of the list are: childbirth, the natural aging process, and the effects of menopause. Our GYN doctors are always looking for the best medical treatments to counteract these forces and one of those is ThermiVa."

How the in-office ThermiVa treatment works:
• Comfortable in-office treatment
• No downtime or anesthesia required
• Three 40-minute sessions, one month apart
• May resume sexual activity same day/night
• Noticeable improvement after 1st or 2nd session
• Long-lasting results (9-18 months)

Cost for ThermiVa Treatment

Payment is required to schedule an appointment:
• Cost is $750 per session
• Includes disposable contoured Radiofrequency applicator and grounding pad

Cost comparison for a year supply of:
• Vaginal estrogen $1,340 - $2,112
• Incontinence management $2,000 - $3,000
• Overactive bladder medications $600 - $3,500

The medical science behind ThermiVa
ThermiVa treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to restore collagen, elasticity and moisture without discomfort or downtime.

Not covered by insurance, but financing available

Please note, the ThermiVa treatment is not covered by insurance.  However, we have teamed with United Medical Credit, which can help you find a financial option that fits your budget.  Click here for their application form.


If you are interested in the ThermiVa treatment and have questions, please contact our GYN Clinic at (757) 312-8221 or by clicking here. 

About our GYN doctors

Our all-female practice covers a wide spectrum of gyn and health issues, including the HPV vaccine, PMS problems, a urinary tract infection, periods that are too heavy, and birth control.  Since 2004 each of the GYN doctors at Gynecology Specialists have been caring for women and teens in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Peninsula, Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads and North Carolina.

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