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Experienced ThermiVa Providers


Many gyn issues can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness. Our in-office treatments counteract those forces and are:

- Painless
- Non-surgical
- Non-hormonal
- No Recovery Downtime


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Our Reputation

Zenette M. Leao, MD
Zenette M. Leao, MD

Mary Driver - Chesapeake, VA
Most gynecologists get the same good training, but it’s the human part that sets Dr. Leao apart from the rest... (read more here)

Barbara Clark - Norfolk, VA
I wish Dr. Zenette Leao was my doctor for all my needs... (read more here)

Debby - Virginia Beach, VA
As a female gynecologist she "gets it" -- my place in my life, and my needs as a middle aged woman!... (read more here)


Barbara - Norfolk, VA
I just want to thank Gynecology Specialists for the great teen workshop that my daughter attended last week!... (read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Patient's Request - Chesapeake, VA
I was seen by two other gynecologists in Charlottesville and Richmond and they told me my problem was ‘mental'... (read more here)

Kimberly C. - Moyock, NC
She has helped to improve my overall well-being in that she listened to not only me, but also my husband, with compassion, patience and honesty and followed through with a successful procedure that has all but eliminated my pain... (read more here)

S. Cooper - Virginia Beach, VA
Dr. Zenette Leao has been my Gyn doctor for as many years as I can remember... (read more here)

T. Jones - Chesapeake, VA
I saw Dr. Zenette Leao, and even though I was only there for a minor concern, she was still just as compassionate and concerned with me as if it was something serious... (read more here)

Kim Cohen - Chesapeake, VA
Dr. Zenette Leao saved me. I wouldn't be the happy, healthy lady I am today without her!... (read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Patient's Request - Chesapeake
Dr. Zenette Leao is an excellent Gyn doctor... (read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Patient's Request - Chesapeake
Dr. Leao has been my Gyn doctor for the past few years and she's amazing... (read more here)

Beth Ann - Chesapeake
I had been living with this particular medical situation for years... (read more here)

Maria - Chesapeake
I saw Dr. Leao and cannot recommend her enough - she is kind and professional.... (read more here)


Linda M. Long, MD

Charlotte - Portsmouth, VA

I liked her down to earth attitude, kindness and her helping my daughter when another Gyn doctor blew her off...(read more here)



Denise Baylous - Smithfield, VA
I began feeling better within a few weeks -- my mood improved, I was no longer tired, and my menopause symptoms disappeared... (read more here)

Rita Arbid - Virginia Beach, VA
About 11 years ago a friend told me about her great GYN doctor – and that’s how I met Dr. Linda Long... (read more here)


Anita R. - Chesapeake, VA
They are personable and compassionate, but best of all, they are the best in their fields... (read more here)



Rae Boothe - Chesapeake, VA

Dr. Linda Long is a wonderful Gyn doctor... (read more here)



Name Withheld Upon Patient's Request - Chesapeake, VA

Dr. Linda Long is a very knowledgeable gyn doctor and she helped me with my chronic problem... (read more here)



Bonnie Hudson - Chesapeake, VA

This is my 2nd visit to her and I could not be happier that I have found a female gyn doctor like her!!... (read more here)



Gaye Wallace - Chesapeake, VA

I have been seeing Dr. Long and Dr. Ryder for over 20 years... (read more here)



Angelika Harris - Chesapeake, VA

She is wonderful, knowledgeable and caring Gyn doctor... (read more here)


Jeanne Marie Busch, MD

Linda - Norfolk

She is an excellent Gyn doctor -- very knowledgeable about her Job, very patient, very gentle whenever she examines me, and she always follows up on me... (read more here)



Jennifer B. - Chesapeake

It is clear to me that Dr. Busch is fully invested in providing quality care to her patients... (read more here)



M. R. - Virginia Beach

Dr. Busch is the best in the business! Very thorough, and kind!

Courtney K. - Chesapeake

I left Tricare Prime just to continue care with her!... (read more here)



Kimi S. - Chesapeake

She is very approachable and knowledgeable and my trust in her is strong enough that I have recommend her to my friends and family... (read more here)

Name Withheld Upon Patient's Request - Virginia Beach
A friend told me about Dr. Jean-Marie Busch and what a great Gyn doctor she was...(read more here)

Meg Wrenn - Chesapeake
Just a really amazing group of gyn doctors and professionals and Iím so thankful I have them. ...(read more here)

Gail McGill - Chesapeake
She is a wonderful gyn doctor and a caring person. ...(read more here)

Maria W. - Chesapeake
I am a new patient for Dr. Busch and I must say it was a great experience...(read more here)



Kimberly Harris, FNP

Shannon Davis - Chesapeake, VA
She has held my hand and been excited for me during joyful times, and she has dried my eyes and wiped my tears during sorrowful times... (read more here)

Courtney Fentress - Chesapeake, VA
I've been to many gynecologists in regards to heavy monthly cycles, and none of them had a solution to stopping major cramps... (read more here)

Barbara Grant - Virginia Beach, VA
She is always available when I need her, and I love and need that convenience... (read more here)

Cindy B. - Portsmouth, VA
Prior to finding their GYN clinic, I sought the help of an Internist, an OB/GYN, and an Urologist... (read more here)

Lynne Kennedy - Chesapeake, VA
She is never in a rush to prescribe ‘another’ medication, up a dosage or discount any of my symptoms or feelings... (read more here)

Kimberly Messex - Chesapeake, VA
RN Kim Harris did an AMAZING job with my Gyn appointment today!... (read more here)

Alicia Smith - Chesapeake, VA
I'm so thankful for RN Harris, she is a true blessing.... (read more here)

Melina Ortiz - Chesapeake, VA
Nurse practitioner Kimberly Harris is by far my favorite dr Iíve ever seen... (read more here)

Katy M. - Chesapeake, VA
I came after leaving a GYN doctor whom frequently dismissed my concerns and never dug into anything... (read more here)


If you are suffering from a GYN health issue and live in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Eastern Shore, Peninsula, Hampton Roads or North Carolina, please contact us at (757) 312-8221. Our GYN doctors are here to help you.

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