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MAWC Remains In Network With Cigna


Our Cigna insured patients may have received a letter stating that MAWC will be out of network. This is NOT true. Negotiations with Cigna are complete and MAWC remains in network with Cigna.


Experienced ThermiVa Providers


Many gyn issues can rob a woman of her sense of well-being and happiness. Our in-office treatments counteract those forces and are:

- Painless
- Non-surgical
- Non-hormonal
- No Recovery Downtime


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Kimberly Harris, FNP
Our Reputation

"I started going to Gynecology Specialists in Chesapeake because I had issues that my primary doctor couldn’t address. Gynecology Specialists has been my GYN doctors and health care providers for more than 10 years now. They have seen me through two pregnancy losses and the birth of my two children. I am so thankful for all they have done for me. They are family to me at this point.

"Everyone at their GYN practice is awesome, but my preferred is Nurse Practitioner Kim Harris. She has been my sounding board for most of my time with the practice. She has also been my lifeline between finding out that I am expecting, and when the high-risk GYN doctor can get me in for an appointment. She has held my hand and been excited for me during joyful times, and she has dried my eyes and wiped my tears during sorrowful times.

"What separates Kim from other RN's I’ve known throughout my life is that she is much more knowledgeable and more compassionate with her patients. Kim listens to the issues a woman or girl is having. She is knowledgeable about lots of ways to help with your issues. There isn’t just one answer with her. She will help you to find the answer that works best for you.

"A lot of my friends only want to see GYN doctors. I only want to see Kim!"

Shannon Davis
Chesapeake, VA

If you are suffering from a GYN health issue and live in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Eastern Shore, Peninsula, Hampton Roads or North Carolina, please contact our GYN practice at (757) 312-8221. Our GYN doctors are here to help you.

About Gynecology Specialists

Our all-female GYN doctors and Nurse Practitioner provide comprehensive gynecology services to girls and women of all ages in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Eastern Shore, Peninsula, Hampton Roads and North Carolina.

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